Miguel Reynolds is a Portuguese business strategist, negotiator, business broker and mentor who has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. He agreed to share with us his vision of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.


sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable Entrepreneurship, the future of human development   

It’s time we stop dividing what should be common… We were taught to separate profit from non profit activities thus creating a barrier that should never existed. Every Endeavor made by humans sould have always a focus on sustainability for the simple fact that sustainability is the only criteria that ensures usefulness and longevity for any human made initiative. When people get together around a common purpose, they create organizations that might have completely different objectives but it should have one common principle of evaluation:  Sustainability!
Sustainability is not complex as many preach. Sustainability is as simple as an holistic approach to ensure that future generations enjoy earth the same or better way than we do…. For the first time in human development, we are leaving a worst legacy than what we inherited from our ancestors,­ and that is not fair!
It is still very unusual to bring the sustainability factor to the analyses when people are gathering around a start­-up. And that is one of the reasons we are not fully using human talent in solving real human problems… When we have the right talent around the wrong purpose we have a loss instead of a benefit. Many examples show fantastic talents developing endeavors that offer no real benefit to society. That can be easily changed if we bring the sustainability factor, and criteria, to the genesis of any start-­up.
Imagine for example that we use the same talent involved in creating the famous game “call of duty” to create a different game with an outcome that instead of instilling violence, instill creativity and engineering in solving problems worldwide or, more in line with the game, to instill peace worldwide… People would have fun; the company would have profits too; and the world would benefit from the energy some people spend on creating the game as we all would benefit from the impact of people playing the game. It’s just a matter of changing the purpose, nothing else. It’s education!
It’s a small step that if done at the genesis of any start-­up may join entrepreneurship, talent with sustainability, creating solutions for a better future ­ real entrepreneurship.
The innovation in the SORG algorithm rely on its simplicity and easiness of application. Everyone can calculate and understand the real outcome an organization really offer, regardless of being a profit, non profit, public or private, government or non government organization. Being simple to understand and easy to apply create an enormous opportunity for SORG, and sustainability, to be the primal criteria for entrepreneurship. To inspire this adoption, we are creating a ranking where we will list all dolphin organisations of the world, dynamically. All help is welcome! We just need to find and list the Dolphins…
Thank you Miguel! And if you want to further explore the SORG algorithm and model, please refer to this article or get the book.