The French startup ViiBE is an example of how a business can grow beyond the limitations of a sector using flexibility and intuitiveness. ViiBE helps industrial technical support and after sales services operate remote diagnosis through augmented-reality. The service is specially useful to call centres. But, originally, the idea was to optimise public emergency services.

“We realised that the original concept was extremely time consuming, due to bureaucracy. Thus, we pivoted towards another market”, says Marc Prempain, co-founder at ViiBE. “We haven’t forgotten the public emergencies’ sector, it was just postponed.”

The original concept proved useful to after sales support as the application was developed to people in distress.”We focused on intuitiveness and accessibility and it turned out to be particularly relevant to call centres. When customers need remote assistance, what they require is availability, proximity and efficiency”, explains Prempain.

How it works

Created in February 2017, ViiBE is a pioneer of accessibility to customer service without prior download. The application reduce experts’ displacements, increase first contact resolution rates and improve customers’ satisfaction using visioassistance.

Through the back camera of the user’s smartphone, the expert can see an incident in real time, share pictures or documents. He can even guide the client remotely by augmented reality features.


The startup was created while Prempain was ending his MBA in Vietnam. From meeting Asian venture capitalists and getting closer to the local business culture he learned to quickly adapt to new perspectives. “In Vietnam, entrepreneurs are extremely close to their clients, to the point of bringing gifts to their children when returning from vacations, a thing seen as inappropriate in Europe.”

Learned lessons

The entrepreneur highlights the importance of being surrounded by experienced people, being patient (“things always take longer than expected”) and transparent to clients. The journey brought unexpected challenges, but also a better perception of what is entrepreneurship. “I’m glad that I didn’t know it would be demanding and challenging like it is; otherwise, maybe I wouldn’t take the risk.”

His advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on what they already have and capitalize on it: “Don’t get too enthusiastic about what’s coming next. Make sure that what you already have is fully secured and stable.”

More important than having a perfect product to sell is to continuously evolve along the way, he says. “If it’s not perfect we can always rethink later – done is better than perfect”, concludes Prempain.

Check out the video to learn more about ViiBE: