The lawyer Thomas Dowart uses his American law degree and his French legal education background to help entrepreneurs deal with international law and startup business law. For the past four years he has been working inĀ Omaha (Nebraska), his hometown, being particularly interested in helping help small business grow.

According to Dowart, San Francisco and New York are specially attractive cities to internationalise a company, because of the many VCs (venture capitalists) and funds looking for high-growth potential startups to invest. Moreover, in Omaha, the startup ecosystem is growing and there is access to a lot of Fortune 500 Companies, he says.

“So the opportunity is there and I would say it is a little bit simpler [to find investors in the United States that in Europe], but you still have to do the right pitch.”

In the video, he clarifies some common questions crossing the minds of startups arriving in the US, such as the necessity (or not) to have a citizenship or a local partner to start a business. He also explains how to choose the right legal structure, opting for one of the most common models: LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) or Corporations.

Thomas Dowart is Beeleev’s ambassador in the United States. We are proud to share some of his valuable knowledge with our community