Anne Liebgott is the CEO and Founder of AMERICANS WELCOME ★ SWITZERLAND, a Swiss wealth management service for US citizens and residents. With expertise in marketing, communications and business development, she has been helping multiple American entities and residents settle down in Switzerland. Anne agreed to share her insights on doing business in this seemingly risk-free country with Beeleev‘s Community:

Switzerland always enjoyed a good reputation when it comes to international business. Known for its unique blend of advanced infrastructure, political stability, respect for quality, efficiency, and unfailing reliability, it is no wonder that it has now become a thriving home of entrepreneurship. The country hosts many startup platforms that help entrepreneurs with all the aspects of their projects, from funding to support by economic development offices in the various Swiss cantons (state or province equivalent).

That’s how Switzerland reached the top of the Resilience Index as the most reliable nation to do business in. Switzerland scored 94.9 points in the Economics category, 57.2 in Risk and 100 in Supply Chain. Switzerland is also listed in the latest Global Innovation Index as the world’s most innovative country (2016 ranking).

In that context, Switzerland is a very interesting location to launch or expand a business. Investing in this country can generate considerable returns at limited risks. However, those risks need to be considered or their rewards might be squandered. One should really understand what they’re getting themselves into before approaching Switzerland, and the Swiss.


The same reasons that make Switzerland attractive for business are those that might lead to your demise. The country is difficult to approach without extensive knowledge of social rules. The Swiss love high quality and reliability, they will expect nothing less.

You will then need a strong and well thought-out business plan. Planning for every aspect and possibility, or else no one will take a serious look at your proposal. Even arriving late to a meeting indicates that you aren’t reliable, leading to their avoidance to doing business with you. Legal procedures require immaculate attention, therefore consuming a lot of time and money.

But if you can adapt to these expectations, you will surely find an exciting and powerful market in Switzerland. Good luck, and welcome to Switzerland!


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