Beeleev Pitch Contest at BlaBlaCar’s: Great tips from the Jury

Organized by Beeleev and Early Metrics, with a jury composed of Frederic Mazella (BlaBlaCar), Nicolas Bergerault (L’Atelier des Chefs) and David Amsellem (John Paul), our contestants definitely had here a great opportunity to get hands-on advices on how they should conduct their International Development. 80 people attended the event!

BlaBlaCarThe event was rich in diversity and went on for several hours, but we decided to treat you and share some of the great tips given by those who once struggled as start-up founders, only to become leaders of incredible success stories:

  • Go international as soon as you can to benefit from a scale effect! That is, if you are already strong on your core value offer.
  • Do not neglect cultural specificities! Create focus groups, travel and rely on local expertize to discover your customer’s habits and adapt your Go-to-Market accordingly.
  • Adopt an international culture within your team! Vary point of views and methods in order to become international-proof.
  • Acquihire local companies! It’s the best way to benefit from external growth and obtain crucial human assets. Otherwise, finding the right local partner and hiring local managers with share packages will be key.
  • Never hesitate to invest big on big markets! You just can’t conquer continents with a toothpick.


Does it ring a bell? If you are familiar with Beeleev and our core values, it most certainly will! Connect with entrepreneurs worldwide and accelerate your international development with the Beeleev platform.

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