Beeleev participated on November, 23rd to the event “Osez l’Afrique” (Dare Africa) organized by the Municipality of Roubaix and “Réseau-Entreprendre Nord” around the thematic of Doing Business in Africa. The event gathered more than 150 attendees and many institutional and private experts from various sectors in the beautiful premises of the town hall.

Our VP for the Middle-East & Africa, Hicham BAHSOUN, participated as a speaker in the chapter dedicated to “Customized Local Support”, alongside other experts from Total, BusinessFrance and the French Foreign Trade Council.

He was able to expose the way Beeleev can help entrepreneurs realize their projects in Africa, share his personal experience of Senegal and Bissau-Guinea and raise awareness about the cultural and Doing Business specificities of Africa. Here’s a small excerpt:


Forget “Business is Business”. In Africa, “Business is HUMAN”!

In our Western societies, corporate culture usually commands to maintain a distance with your employees and collaborators. In Africa, if you do not take time to grow a personal relationship with them, you’ll never obtain their full collaboration. Listen to your employee’s personal problems and make yourself available.

Get ready to make the best of what you have!

Do not be put out by the lack of infrastructure, occasional power outages and slow service. Africa has a huge potential of growth and, if you agree to have your foundations shaken, you’ll hopefully manage to transform this challenge into a full success!

 “Network is Net Worth”!

In Africa, you are who you know. Networking is of the essence and the circles of influence are relatively small. You can fare safely without being in contact with them, but you surely won’t benefit from the incredible business booster they can represent.

Thanks again to “Réseau-Entreprendre Nord” and the municipality of Roubaix for allowing us to focus our attention on Africa! We hope to see you soon at one of our next events!

We Connect, You Grow!