Neil Movold, founder and CEO at InsightNG explains how he came up with his idea. He offers a relevant and moving testimonial for all entrepreneurs. Sometimes, life becomes harsh and you feel down and bewildered… Nevertheless, there is always a way to overcome all those struggles you are facing. 

Entrepreneurs, never give up

Neil‘s company InsightNG, came out of Neil‘s life experiences over the past 12 years, starting in Bermuda and now living in New Zealand with his wife and two children.  A single phone call from his pregnant wife in 2004 changed their lives forever. The long, difficult journey in his life over that period led him to think about a game-changing innovation – a ‘what if’ moment of sorts. He came to realize that he needed a super smart-thinking digital assistant with a difference. One that can alter the way we navigate the world of knowledge – a global brain of sorts built on a knowledge fuelled cognitive fabric.  You can read the complete story by going there.

Instead of crushing him down, those hard times made him think of an innovative tool for people facing “what if” moments like him. He could have given up, but he did not. And it wasn’t easy! No matter how hard life can be, by the end everything gets better one day. 

As an entrepreneur, Neil takes advantage of that experience to overcome all the struggles he is facing. Entrepreneurship is a long and difficult adventure. Sometimes, you hesitate and even think about abandonning your project. Thanks to his experience, Neil manages to stay optimistic whatever happens.
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One testimonial for all entrepreneurs: new-piktochart_22.png

Creating and developing his company was certainly not going to be an easy task for Neil, and it was not going to be some simple little app to build.  It was an audacious vision and was going to require a deep and demanding level of innovation. The biggest challenge was how to do any of this from a small country in the middle of nowhere.  With a bit of luck, serendipity and a whole lot of persistence, InsightNG was born. 

 Thank you Neil for this personal and relevant testimonial for all entrepreneurs! Through your experiences, you offered us very interesting tips. Hope everything will be fine for you!

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