When going to Omaha (Nebraska, USA) we met Sean Johnson, Senior Director, Business Attraction at the Greater Omaha Chamber. As an energetic partner dedicated to helping the startup community there, he explained to us how to succeed in this vibrant metropolitan area where more and more large and small businesses thrive.


Credits: Greater Omaha Chamber

Beeleev : Can you tell us a few words about yourself and the Greater Omaha Chamber?

Sean Johnson : I lead our efforts to recruit new companies that will create jobs and invest capital in Greater Omaha. We strive to attract innovative companies that will continue to diversify our regional economy, broaden our tax base and offer high paying jobs to our citizens.

The Greater Omaha Chamber and Economic Development Partnership is an organization that makes The Greater Omaha region a vibrant place to do business, work and live. It promotes a thriving business community and a prosperous region by:

  • Advocating for a strong business climate and member businesses
  • Creating opportunities for business connections and member visibility
  • Pursuing investment and jobs for the region
  • Strengthening leaders and the community
  • Enhancing the region’s brand and image.

What are the cultural aspects to consider when setting up a business in your region?

Omaha is the home of Native American Indian tribes, pioneers, railroad laborers and meatpackers, and they helped shaped its current cultural diversity, strong work ethic and friendly demeanor. The Region presents big city opportunities in a small community atmosphere with great transparency and accessibility between corporations, government and residents. The low cost of business allows startups a longer runway to pivot, refine and perfect their product or service.


Credits: Greater Omaha Chamber

Is the region open to entrepreneurship?

The region is dedicated to attract startups, as the more local startups that make it, the more entrepreneurs feel emboldened to launch their ventures here. Currently, there are 44 startups throughout fields of:

  • Agribusiness
  • E-commerce
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Financial services
  • Retail solutions
  • Healthcare
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Sports technology

Greater Omaha is home for some of the Midwest’s most premier high tech/high growth startups. The region’s local ecosystem has the capital, talent, professional services, and community assistance necessary to help scale startups. Check out: for more information.

What are the key points to succeed there and the obstacles to overcome?

Advantages startups can capitalize on in Greater Omaha include: a very skilled and well-trained workforce, low cost of doing business and living and depending on the market/industry geographic proximity to suppliers and customers.

In order to realize these benefits startups and individuals alike must familiarize and be aware of all that Greater Omaha has to offer. Too often the lack of awareness or incorrect perceptions about this place lead entrepreneurs to the coasts instead of the Silicon Prairie.

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