Tuesday just started for some and just ended for others, but we all have one thing in common: this is the beginning of the week and we want to enjoy the weekend once again! Everyone is looking forward to sleeping in and have a good night’s rest.

Mark Bertolini, CEO at Aetna, thought that a rested employee is a productive employee. He launched a program that could help his workers earn more money by sleeping better. How? By offering up to $500 per year to his staff members who got enough rest.


This might sound like this measure is off-the-wall but in the end, the New York Times reported that 50,000 workers took part in this project, and the results were unexpected:

  • Stress Reduction of 28%
  • Better Sleep quality for 20%
  • Pain Reduction of 19%

Bertolini does not stop there. He also organizes Yoga and relaxation classes to help his employees classify their thoughts and ideas. It encourages them to see the “big picture” and be more at ease while working.

A lot of entrepreneurs suffer from sleep depravation. It is more and more complicated for people to be fully involved at work, at home and in their lives. As Bertolini showed us, sleeping well is not only beneficial for you as a person, but it is also beneficial for your business. Apparently a month of good sleep (according to the Fitbit fitness trackers) improved employees’ productivity by 69 extra minutes per month which is in the end a lot.

Having learnt that, entrepreneurs, here are 3 tips for you to get a better sleep and thus be more productive:

  • Remove all electronics. You are connected all the time for your work, just leave your phone away for a few hours and see how good it feels to be away from the stress of getting a message and having to deal with it.
  • Eat well. Food and sleep, it is not just a saying: they work together
  • Slow down on caffeine and liquids. Nothing is worse than being hyper before sleeping, and as we all know coffee is life but it is not sleep.   

So what about you? Do you think you sleep enough, or better said well enough? Would you implement a project like that for your company?At Beeleev, we would be glad to hear your thoughts on what we think is a pretty good idea to motivate your colleagues to give their best all the time.