As part of our partnership with Corporate Catalyst India, we are providing you today an in-depth analysis on investment in India. Here’s the introduction to today’s document:

” This investment guide will help demystify issues surrounding your India business plans. It is aimed at investors and/or their consultants, accountants, legal advisors. It first examines the India economic situation and the administrative mechanism and then moves on to India’s regulatory environment vis-à-vis foreign investment, mode of investing, recurring compliances likely to be faced by your India operations and an overview of key commercial laws.”

We hope that this Key to India Investment will help accelerate your project and bring you valuable qualified knowledge on India’s economy and dynamic.

CCI is a consulting firm of corporate strategists, tax advisory experts and financial and marketing analysts with over 25 years of experience. Strong regional presence, international affiliations and foreign desks combined with the expertise of senior Directors and experts makes them the preferred choice of SME’s & Fortune 500 companies. A top Business Advisory and Financial Consulting firm, CCI is committed to quality deliverables, cost optimized and value added partnerships while providing integrated solutions for setting up business in India.

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