Beeleev’s Team was at Viva Technology in Paris. We want to share with you all we learnt and saw from this amazing event! Therefore, here is an article arised from what we listened at conferences.



Do you remember when Microsoft was the greatest company? You should because in business memory is important.

Many “experts” said that the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) are so big that they will never be disrupt. They were wrong!

According to Joe Schoendorf, nobody is safe from disruption. The best example was Nokia. It was the greatest company during all the 90’s. Apple and his App Store “uncooled” the classic mobile phone from Nokia.

Now we have to ask us a simple question. How can we destabilize the actual static position? Are we bold enough to do it? Nowadays, Google and Facebook are collecting 70 % of the benefits from advertising on internet. When they created Google, Sergei Brin and Larry Page said that they wanted “to classify all the knowledge on earth”. In fact, internet was just a part of it. So algorithm and search engines were just the emerging part of this plan. This story explains why Google developed so many tools such as Gmail, Android, etc…

In the world many companies are already considered as unicorn. It means that their valuation is superior to 1 Billon dollars. What is the true difference under a Google and Uber or Apple and BlaBlacar? They are just platforms. If Apple wants to delete the Uber app from the app store, they are able to do it. And at the same time they are totally destroying the business model of this company.  

 In fact, the next GAFA will be a place where people out of the company will be able to make business. That is why, I do personally think that Sigfox is the next big thing. This enterprise is providing a Bluetooth technology which permits to connect electronic devises with low energy needs.