5 keys to manage a winning sales team abroad

5 keys to manage a winning sales team abroad

As technology reduces distance, a growing number of companies is entering international markets. Good news for brands looking for the best talents. However, to manage a sales force with a different culture and another timezone, often using another language, it is needed a great deal of organisation, compromise and confidence in the brand culture.

Sales teams are significantly different from one country to another. According to the researcher Dominique Rouziès, professor of Marketing at HEC Paris, there are basically two philosophies. “In the first case, no matter how you work, the only thing that counts is achieving objectives. In the second case, no matter the objective, the only thing that counts is how you work”, says Rouziès in an article published by research@hec.

According to recent studies, the turnover of salespeople is around 12 to 15%, what is a costly problem in terms of opportunity, recruitment and training. Below we list some strategies to manage a successful sales team:

  1. Make sure your team is organised in a strategic level

    Help your sales representatives align their priorities with the rest of the team and allow them to have a flexible workload. Doing some more hours in one day and compensating it later may increase the satisfaction at work.

  2. Preserve varying personalities and processes

    Diversity is essential for a business to thrive and to add creativity to processes. Respect the space and the strategies of each one, as long as it is not negative for the group.

  1. Never skip individual meetings

    This is the opportunity to foster the relationship between manager and employee and to build a constructive feedback, becoming aware of areas for improvement and current obstacles.

  2. Be flexible

    Make yourself available when your team is, even if it means working during and after hours. Reorganise tasks and be ready to get hands-on to help finish your team work.

  3. Help your team to set priorities

    Your team is probably hugely focused on bringing new clients into the organization. But they need your help to remove obstacles that might slow them down. Even if it means some extra work for you, be ready to listen and to bring new ideas to bring the goals closer.

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