On July, 21st, Beeleev was in WAI Paribas for an exciting conference about fundraising!

We want to thank our partners BNP Paribas and CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre for this great event! A big thank you for all the speakers: Francine Bertrand, Arnaud Manceron, Xavier Chopard, Christophe Blondeau, Philippe Gosset and our Beeleever, the CEO of Guest to GuestEmmanuel Arnaud.

Here is a little feedback of this Beeleev lunch!


Emmanuel Arnaud's testimonial for a successful fundraising


Legal and fiscal aspects of fundraising

Christophe Blondeau and Philippe Gosset from CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (which supports companies in their fundraisings), were the firsts who took part in the discussion.

As they told us fundraising is a long process for which you need to be well prepared:

Some anticipation and a lot of energy are required to reach your goal.
The eco–system is also an important feature that you think of.
Don’t under estimate the psychologic dimension: you have to learn how to sell yourself to potential investors, look for information and create a dialog with them in order to find the right partner, someone who is going to be active and willing to participate.
It is also important to be aware of what is going to happen at the end of the fundraising and all the related issues.

It is important to highlight the attractiveness of your project in order for your interlocutors to be sure this is a profitable investment and thus reinforce their decision to invest! On the fiscal side, companies can also benefit from several levers.

Financial helps from the banks

BNP Paribas's tips for a successful fundraising

After, Xavier Chopard told us about the financial helps the BNP Paribas bank can provide to start-ups. Banks are a useful lever in order to raise funds.

Funny fact: Did you know that, in Europe, France is the first country in number of start-ups that got funded?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter! What are the key points to follow in order to increase your chances of raising funds?

Fundraising is a long-term process: You cannot receive everything the first time. The most important rule to bear in mind when it comes to fundraising, is to understand that for every entrepreneur, banks seek to know if they will be able to raise funds. According to Xavier, 2 points are essential to respect to increase your chances:

1. You cannot raise funds if you are alone (or just 2 with your love partner). You must be a skilled and compatible team.

2. Just an idea on a paper doesn’t work at all. Your cash flows will be under examination but even if they are negative, you can still be funded.

Testimony of Emmanuel Arnaud on his own experience

a pitch about a successful fundraising Then, our Beeleever, the CEO of Guest to GuestEmmanuel Arnaud, explained his long experience of fundraising. He succeeded in achieving 3 fundraisings. Therefore, his testimony is gold.

According to Emmanuel, A successful fundraising is mainly about stimulating the investors. They want you and you have the choice. It is not the other way roundYou should seem confident by telling a story that is believable. You have to make yourself be desired and as long as you show that they are lucky to invest in you, then, most of the task is done.

Feeling a bit nervous for your fundraising? Remember this funny quotation:

Just picture yourself as a security guard of a night club. You let specific people in and these people will attract other people and so on” Emmanuel Arnaud.

Thanks to all of you for this event!