Laurence de Saint Albin, coach and trainer in Mental Health & Awareness, owner of Mental Fitness France, explains how entrepreneur’s may use mental awareness to prevent stress, depression and burnouts. Mental Awareness contributes to make organizations more human and to increase concentration levels. The technique brings entrepreneurs back the present, where they can live instant after instant, being mindful. In the video, the specialist teach 3 simple exercises to increase Mental Awareness levels (transcript below).

Hello, my name is Laurence De Saint Albin, trainer in Mental Health for the last 25 years and coach. I discovered Mental Health by going to shantytowns in Buenos Aires. There, I was faced by poverty, which created a lot of domestic violence. I saw that these people had discovered what was then not called “Mental Health”, but “Salud Mental”, which was creating radical changes in the perception of life for these people. They were stuck in their daily struggles, but they later learned to enjoy the present.

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is understanding that life is a constant gift. Mental health can help you build a daily joy if you apply its rules correctly.

But if you misuse the mental health’s rules it can become the enemy of your daily joy. The mental health process says that if you pay attention, then you can enjoy every moment and be more careful of your way of thinking and thoughts, the negative thought that come naturally.

If you’re careful, you can take a step back and find some sort of freedom to decide what you want to do with your life. And if you start ruminating because you’re regretting the past, or because you’re thinking of the future, then you miss out on the present. An entrepreneur is in danger of having bad thoughts because he is going to use the emissive part of the brain, without being emotionally receptive to sooth his mind, which helps them keep up their work pace.

Tips to practice Mental Awareness

When you’re in a situation where you’re very busy, active and mentally productive there are simple exercises that you can do every day that bring an immediate relaxing effect. So it’s wise to remember them.

A simple exercise would be to remember 5 moments in your day and ask yourself if you enjoyed them and lived them fully, or if you saw them as routine and automatic until you disregard them. But you can find many joys in the present because every moment in life is just as precious as the other. So, you can make a grid to write down 5 moments you want to enjoy more, or with more livelihood.


Another easy exercise to manage your stress is called ‘cardiac coherence’. When you breathe in and breathe out for 5 seconds each, you synchronize your breathing and heartbeat and your heart relaxes immediately. It boosts your immunity, concentration, and your aging process slows down.

The final exercise is very popular these days: meditation. Meditation in mental health is a combination of all we’ve learned in mental healing. For example, for 15 minutes we’re going to learn to relax, let go, calm everything that stresses you. This happens through a focus exercise where you try to magnify your focus on very simple things like your breathing and slowly focus on every other sensation in your body. Do this receptive exercise for 15 minutes and your body will feel completely relaxed and re-energized.