Distractions are the cause for 66% of all car accidents. Cellphone usage is the most prominent one of all forms of distraction. Tudor Cobalas solved this issue by launching SafeDrive , a mobile application that motivates drivers to rest both hands on their wheels using reward points and competition among users. We interviewed Tudor to discover how was his amazing idea seeded in the Netherlands and developed on global scale.

How does it work?

Being careful while driving has never been more enjoyable!

SafeDrive is a gamified solution for insurance industry to decrease car damage claims. This is done via an app that drivers use to earn points in exchange for not using their smartphone while driving. The points earned are later converted into rewards. Instead of taking the “record everything” approach that telematics come with, we involve rewarding good behavior principles which have better results on the long run.

Drive Safely

“With our app one of the largest Dutch insurers has reduced by 60% the smartphone usage behind the wheel”

Doing business in the Netherlands, how is it like?

doing business in the Netherlands




The Netherlands is first a country which spurs a lot of entrepreneurship, which we see it as an advantage. The fact that the country had so many constraints in terms of geographical and areal position, it has only pushed furhter its inhabitants to innovate and look for more. That is why the Dutch economy is one of the leading in Europe. We highly recommend companies to take into account The Netherlands as a location for their business. Don’t hesitate and do business in the Netherlands!
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Safely Drive

One last testimonial for entrepreneurs who are willing to grow internationally? 

The importance of the network, of course. Meaningful connections at the right time mean not-to-be-missed opportunities for your international growth!
We rely quite a lot on our network to showcase our technology to other industries such as: leasing, logistics and to companies with large car fleets.

With Tudor Cobalas, you can run your company as serenely as you drive! 

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Tudor Cobas


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