Jack Jacobs, our young Irish Beeleever is thriving as founder of The Instinctive Investors (TII), an article publishing platform for students. He tells us about his company: How it became a success, what obstacles him and his team had to face, what they did to overcome them and many more.

If you are wondering about success or if you are a young entrepreneur having trouble with your studies and your work, just follow Jack’s tips leading to success!

What prompted you to come up with the idea? 

I & Michael are extremely interested and intrigued by economics, finance and business. Our mission is to enable connection, encourage interaction and empower the individual and the wider finance community through the application of academic knowledge. It wasn’t too long ago that myself and Michael were studying for our A-levels and thus, we understand the current education system. Personally, I am also experiencing the professional services side. The key to working in the professional services sector is having the ability to apply knowledge and skills in practice. Michael is studying Financial Economics at the University of Essex. Therefore, he understands the importance in the application of knowledge for assignments, dissertations and other written assessments. enables a community of A-level and undergraduate students to connect, interact and empower each other through the application of their knowledge, primarily in the form of articles. An individual who applies their knowledge on a consistent and frequent basis will become instinctive in their field of work or study. They will ultimately become an Instinctive Investor. This is why we created the platform.

Why do you think The Instinctive Investors have been a success?

The simple answer is a huge amount of hard work behind the scenes. However, it goes deeper than this. We truly believe that we can connect and empower the younger generation of finance enthusiasts. The key is to believe in your mission and efficiently use your time to achieve this purpose. We have built a strategy that ensures our time, and hard work is utilised in activities that add value to our business and ultimately achieve our mission

What was the toughest issue when trying to grow TII?

One of our toughest challenges is building awareness of our platform within schools, colleges and universities. It takes time for us to build strong and sustainable relationships with educational institutions. To overcome this, we have built a team of client relation managers who will be building relationships with an array of schools and universities over the next academic year. Our growth is also largely dependent upon our social media strategy. Again, to overcome this, we now have a social media manager who will be concentrating on this strategy and ensuring that we are attracting and engaging with our target audience. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want The Instinctive Investors to grow exponentially. However, great things aren’t built overnight. I believe it’s important to remain patience and have trust in your business strategy. Furthermore, Michael and I still need to mature as individuals, both in our technical knowledge but also with our experiences. Our experiences shape who we are as individuals, how we act and thus ultimately make decisions. The more we grow, the easier it will be to grow The Instinctive Investors.


The Instinctive Investors

 The whole TII team, with Jack and Michael, the co-founder! They agreed to answer some of our questions.


How do you manage this alongside working and studying?


Time is a precious commodity, and thus it should be utilised conducting positive work or leisure. Working in the professional services sector, studying for exams and managing The Instinctive Investors is tough. However, I am surrounded by a fantastic team. Communication is essential, ensuring our communications are effective and efficient by using various apps and platforms, notably Slack which is a great project management app.


Not for one second did I think this would be easy, however, in such scenarios, you don’t have time to be stressed. I worked out a structured and robust timetable, dedicating my time to various projects as efficiently as possible.


 Have you had any other business ventures? How did they pan out? 


I am currently working on an App idea. However, this is still in the concept phase and has not materialised into reality, yet.


I currently have an events organisation, where I host numerous parties, mainly targeted at university students, as that’s the field I’m currently in. In addition to that, I also co-own a makeup company, ‘KCCosmetics’, specialising in a range of beauty cosmetics. I like keeping myself busy, alongside The Instinctive Investors. I treat all my ventures as projects, and fortunately all projects are to going to plan!

One last tip for our entrepreneurs: What would you have done differently if you started TII today?

Nothing. The mistakes we have made, or decisions which could have been made better are learning experiences that are essential to any entrepreneurs’ journey. We are always learning and developing as individuals and shaping The Instinctive Investors the best way possible to achieve our mission.

Thank you Jack! You can follow him and TII on twitter here!

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