Esteban Sarabia, CEO of Q4tech, created his company in 1997, developing mobile applications for corporate business. After 20 years, his company evolved with the technology that transformed the space that mobile phones, tablets and other mobile platforms perform in our lives.

Being a pioneer on its business, Q4Tech today creates applications recognized internationally. With headquarters in Buenos Aires and Tandil, Argentina, the company has a portfolio with more than 40 international brands, including Danone, Ferrero Rocher, Evian and Natura.

In the video, Sarabia warns for the risks and opportunities surrounding companies doing business in Argentina. ” If you were a pilot and I mentioned that you have to fly through turbulence, you wouldn’t be worried, because it would be part of what you do – I mean, the idea of flying. So you are in Argentina and changes are something you have to expect to happen. And, sometimes, those changes, if you are lucky, they are sources of opportunities.” Check out the whole interview: