Entrepreneurs are leaders. They are influent and they can change the world. What they do, matters.

I am speaking to you, entrepreneurs of the world and Beeleevers: I am sure you have always wanted to be a socially and environmentally responsible leader! However, I know it is not so easy for entrepreneurs have multiple constraints.

Well, here is an idea that might help you then! Do you know the Global Compact? It is an initiative from the UN that aims to inviting companies to respect principles such as human and labour rights, environment protection, anti-corruption.


15147906810_2dda6aa79d_q.jpg The man on the picture? Georg Kell, the founder of the Global Compact! Doesn’t he seem enthusiastic? Like you, he is willing to make the world a better place. Even if it is hard, the key is to keep believing and struggling.


One question must have come to your minds: What does the Global Compact sensibly consist in?

It is an initiative from a public organization (the UN) that shows its faith in business and companies. The Global Compact is composed of ten principles the company has to accept and respect. These ten principles are here to help and guide you, the entrepreneur who desires to unite business and social responsibilities but who does not know how to do so and where to begin.
Therefore, the Global Compact is an alliance between the private sector and the public one. They decide to work together to be more efficient!


Through specified actions, partnerships and events, the Global Compact helps you to become a responsible leader! It is meant to guide you to change the way you operate in order to implement responsible practices within your company and therefore participate in the global social growth (more education, diminution of poverty and inequality etc).

Interested in the Global Compact? Go to their website!


What do you have to win?

Well, first, it offers you the opportunity to be a responsible leader and it gives you the key to build a better world! You have the tools in your hands to do what you have ever wanted to in order to change the world! And that is already a big gain!

The image! You will join all the companies that are part of the Global Compact. The UN will promote your company, talk about you and everyone will know you are acting in favour of a better planet! Good promotion, isn’t it?

Here are some examples of what companies did for the UN Global Compact and how your image can be improved with this program.

With the Global Compact, do not hesitate anymore and become an inspiring leader! The Global Compact is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs. You now have the power…