burakBurak Bardakci is the founder at BATA FOOD, a supplier of organic and conventional ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds. The company is headquartered in Istanbul (Turkey) and has one office in Singapore. In this article, Bardakci shares his insights about doing business in the food sector.


Where Bata Food is present?

We sell our products to 37 countries in 7 continents. Our main market is Europe. We are headquartered in Istambul, but we also have an office in Singapore.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs setting up a business?

My tip is to be patient and not give up easily. This is especially true for brick and mortar businesses (in digital businesses maybe you should move and scale very fast).

Success does not come in a day. It is clear that people will face with many obstacles in the early days.

Building a good team is another tip. I suggest to new entrepreneurs to hire people who are better than themselves (of course in their own profession). They should really invest in people – even before their products or services. It is important to move forward with strong steps and with a great team.

If you build trustful relationships with your partners and if you are confident about your products, success will follow.


If you have other questions about Turkey and the food industry, don’t hesitate to connect with Burak and to take a look at his blog.