thomasHave you ever dreamed to have your own Grands Crus cellar? 
Thomas Hebrard, founder of U’Wine, is making your dream come true!

What Is U’Wine? 

U’Wine is Bordeaux wine merchant serving private individuals (High Net Worth Individuals), specialized in Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés packed in small genuine wooden crates. U’Wine customizes and increases the value of its “Grands Crus Classés” customers’ cellar.

To do that U’Winevest non-only offers Individuals “Grands Crus Classés” access direct from the Châteaux but also sources, buys, stores, delivers and resells them in the safest and most performant conditions. Their clients maximize thus the pleasure-performance ratio as they can either consume their personal collection of prime wines or resell them.


What Is U’Wine’s Story?

Born in a family of winemakers since 1832, Thomas Hébrard is from the Bordeaux region. The U’Wine model started in 2009, when Thomas, decided to create his personal wine cellar. Knowing that the “en-primeur” price is the most competitive purchasing price, he asked his father for a quote.

In June 2014, after 5 years of track record, he liquidated his first portfolio. Thomas personally handed his 4 first clients a check corresponding to their profits… The average net ROI was 16% p.a.
U’Wine operates today in Paris and Bordeaux in France and Geneva in Switzerland.

Going forward, Thomas Hébrard is looking to reinforce the brand in Switzerland, then expand it to Belgium as he already starts thinking about marketing it to Japan, China, Singapore and the US. Clearly, wine lovers with a keen sense of investment are everywhere!

What Is Thomas’s Beeleev Experience?

Thanks to Beeleev, Thomas got introduced to several people who were interested in his business. Recently, he contacted a wholesaler who found buyers of “Grands Crus”. While such introductions can take time to materialize, they are of great value.