Bülent Unsever“How do we shape the future? We design and commercialize robots.” Bulent is the CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics Turkey, the local presence of an international company dedicated to the integration of robots in strategic fields like health care, education,construction, farming, management and military. We asked Bulent what does it take to run a future-shaping business in Turkey.


Bulent’s journey with Blue Ocean Robotics started 2 years ago. After 11 years of working in the robotic automation industry, he was more than ready to step up and take on new challenges: running a company that creates and commercializes robots for end-users, partners and robotic communities – worldwide.

Blue Ocean Robotics Turkey was then established as part of the Blue Ocean Robotics network, to cater to the Turkish market. Talking about the setup of this partnership, Bulent remained positive: “There was hardly any challenge bringing Blue Ocean Robotics to Turkey”. In fact, Blue Ocean Robotics had already planned to enter this market and Bulent felt this was an unmissable opportunity.

He then spent a lot of time travelling around Europe to discuss the contract. “Everything went perfectly”, Bulent remarked. “It only took me 10 days to file all documents and set up my company. To open a company in Turkey is easy for both local citizens and foreigners”.


Strong relationship will lead to great opportunities

For the last 2 years, Bulent has worked with clients all over the world. As part of an international group, he gains access to an extended network of clients. “Strong relationship will lead to great opportunities”. He won his first international client through networking efforts of not only himself but also his colleagues at Blue Ocean Robotics worldwide. “Imagine each of us knows 1000 people. We exchange contacts regularly, constantly grow our network and grab new opportunities”.

Turkey has a fairly young  but promising start-up culture , especially in field of technology. There are many reasons why Turkey is on the rise: it’s the crossroads between Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East and the Turkish population is young and well educated. Half of the population are Internet users, making this country the 5th largest Internet audience in Europe.

Bulent strongly believes in “the rising potential of Turkey”.

Bulent strongly believes in “the rising potential of Turkey”. As an advice to entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in his country, he reassured “the strong support from not only Turkish government but also other entrepreneurs”.

He’s also very optimistic about the future of Blue Oceans Robotics Turkey. “We are working on several projects in field of health care, military and education. New robot solutions are coming”. After all, Bulent and his colleagues are striving everyday to create a future with robots that improve quality-of-life, working environments and productivity.


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