482958_536739643006689_1568912003_n.jpgMario Sánchez Del Real (from Spain) is the CEO and Founder of Peanuts & Monkeys, an independent “evolutionary” creative agency. Mario is here to share how he achieve success with an unique strategy.

How did you come up with your project idea ?

The first issue is, indeed, very straight forward: how to call ourselves. Many big advertising agencies have names that are pains to users. They are either boring letters or names of partners. As we want to bring freshness to our clients’ communications, why not starting with our own? Yes, we are Peanuts&monkeys!


There are two main parts in our business: the investments or the money are what we call the “peanuts”, and the people or the talents are the “monkeys”.

We pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving agency, which means we are open to learn about our surroundings, then change to adapt every day, . We are now different from how we were when we started, and we will not be as we are today in two or three years. When you work in the fast-paced digital-sphere,  you either move with it or you’ll die.

What obstacles did you face and how did you manage to overcome them ?

All three founding partners have digital background, so the first thing was not to become just a digital shop. Running a new independent and integrated agency targeting big clients is not easy, but after three years, we are proud to work with important clients like Disney, Mitsubishi Motors, Santander, Acciona and Hyundai. All of them are big clients with strict requirements and were accustomed to work with great international agencies.

What we do is not attempting to do what others can. We always strive to come up with new ways of delivering the ideas, which are non-habitual and out of the box. Our proposal is mostly based on our vision as clients instead of traditional briefing.


Did you implement any innovative features for your business ?

We try hard to come up with solutions beyond expectation at limited cost. Our solution is the mix of creative arguments and a powerful call to action. It’s something that happens in real life, thus can becomes an user content generator in social media, achieving what paid media can’t achieve. Our creation goes viral as either good content or news.

We are a creative agency, but we’ve always studied the marketing strategy as a whole. We don’t just simply hand over the idea or argument. We want to make sure that it is well executed, even if it isn’t our responsibility. It has to be good content that anyone would like to see and share. We are not only a digital company but digital is our true core and heart.

My success tip is to be honest to yourself and don’t over-promise. At Peanuts&Monkeys, we aim to be only 2% different from others. Just as Primates share 98% of their DNAs with Humans, we strive to achieve the 2% that differentiates. Believe me mates, as you know, there are huge differences between monkeys and humans!

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