Alix de Sagazan, co-founder of AB Tasty, French leader in online AB-testing, gave us insights on how to successfully lead your company through the first steps of this challenging road called entrepreneurship.



Why did you decide to take your business abroad?

AB Tasty is a solution to optimize the performance of websites through marketing analysis tools. The software was working well in its home country, France, so we decided to expand operations to countries with cultural similarities to France, such as the UK, Germany and Spain. We also have an office in Sydney. Moreover, the establishment of regional offices was necessary to fit with the customers location.

Alix Sagazan

Which elements led to the success of your initiative?

We had a network of key contacts on site, native agents, who first enabled us to obtain market studies, knowledge of the business and social environment. They were kind of ambassadors, who could bring a potential revenue in their countries.


What challenges did you face during this process?

Beyond the legal diversity, which requires a certain time to adapt to, the contracts’ signature as well as a language differences made the process complicated. Signing contracts from other countries as well as translating different languages sometimes turn the internationalization process slower. Through these issues, we realized how important it was to be present on site with the right people.


What mistake should be avoid when going global?

Do not open an office without having contacts, on-site knowledge, except if you have a special opportunity or for an experiment, as we have done with our Sydney office. It is tempting to reproduce a successful model everywhere, but stretching a business is risky. Regional markets, and in our case the European one, are large enough.

As entrepreneur, we need to exchange and to share. We need to be supported by an international network of peers. Beeleev helped us to create this network. It was very useful to plan our establishment in a new country. It is hard to take a leap of faith alone. With Beeleev, we gain advice, support from our peers and trust.